10 Best Restaurants on Rab Island

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Rab Island is a hotspot destination for tourists who fly all the way to Croatia to enjoy the historical architecture, rugged mountains, and beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear water. Due to the mineral rich fertile soil, fresh water bodies, and an abundance of direct sunlight found on Rab Island, it is a hub of fresh produce and delightful cuisine.

Not only do they have some of the most scrumptious savory fish dishes, but they also have mouth-watering desserts that will just leave you wanting more. One of their best local dishes is the Brodet fish stew which is made with different types of fish, onions, tomatoes, and scampi while they also have their infamous Rab cake made with liquor, citrus, and pastry.

Even if you’re not big on fish, there are several other options available for you to choose from, and a variety of places that are serving them! So, we’ve curated a list of ten of the best restaurants on Rab Island that you should definitely add to your bucket list.

Konoba Rab

Konoba Rab

One of the busiest restaurants found here, Konoba Rab offers both a dine-in option as well takeaway. It has an expansive menu with dishes like octopus, beef steaks, calamari, peka, chard, fruitcake, and entire medleys of seafood platters. Since it is jam-packed all year round, it is important that you book your spot beforehand to avoid any inconvenience at that time.

Receiving a certificate of excellence back in 2014, this place also serves tons of local Croatian wine so you can bring out your inner wine connoisseur. Located in the midst of the old town, Konoba is very cozy with a homely ambiance and some of the best customer service there is. Even though they don’t have patios, the place offers air conditioning so you can enjoy your meal to the fullest.

Make sure to order a little early as some of these dishes, especially “peka” takes a lot of time to be prepared. Peka is essentially a special iron lid pod that is put in a fire oven with hot coal, so naturally, the food inside takes more time to get cooked.

Cafe Velum


With a very modern and minimalistic aesthetic, Velum has a good mix of sweet and savory options on its menu at a somewhat high price range. The staff is extremely helpful, professional, and super friendly so they will definitely help you out if you need recommendations.

Their dining area offers a huge TV for entertainment however there is no parking available onsite so you’ll need to pay extra to park your car in a nearby parking lot. A popular and heavenly item on the menu that you just need to try is their “Velum Platter” which is packed with meats like rump steak, pork fillet, and breaded turkey as well as creamy potatoes and charred vegetables.

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They have massive portion sizes so be sure to order carefully, or you can just get your food packed and take it with you. One of the downsides of the place is its lack of vegan options. It only has a couple of salads, Blitva, and some fresh bread that is vegan-friendly.



Located near Banjol, this restaurant has been buzzing with people for more than the last thirty years. It is right next to the beach, having an outdoor terrace with a stunning view of the old town of Rab, just behind the spectacular saline seawater. The place also offers multiple accommodation options that can be viewed on its website.

Since the restaurant is a bit busy, you might need to wait an extra couple of minutes even if you’ve booked a table already. What makes this place stand out is its kid-sized portions for almost every item on its menu which makes it an ideal spot to visit with children.

Having an affordable price range, Perla is a good place for people on a budget. Their menu has a unique variety of traditional local recipes made with fresh produce that enhances the meal’s flavor profile.



One of the best seafood places on the island, Sanjper is a good place to visit right after a day of adventure at the town loggia. With its heavenly Mediterranean cuisine and fresh aroma, the restaurant offers fish soup, risotto, sea plate, rab cake, and many more dishes. However, the one dish that you cannot miss out on is their che which is a sweet coconut pudding with mixed beans.

Sitting on the edge of the harbor, Sanjper has a relaxing atmosphere, well-trained staff, and is clean and hygienic. Since it is by the marina, if you get here in the morning, you can eat fresh fish plucked directly from the Adriatic sea.

One of the best things about eating here is definitely their bubbly local liquor served complimentary after you’ve gobbled down your delicious meal. They also have a standard price range matching other restaurants on the island.

Restaurant Ana

Restaurant Ana

Found in the middle of Rab Island, restaurant Ana offers various types of risottos, homemade pasta, fresh octopus, sea bass, and hake along with an array of light fluffy pancakes. If you’re going there for a quick breakfast or brunch, we’d recommend their mouth-watering octopus omelet.

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The place is quite spacious with comfortable sofas and several places to sit throughout the restaurant. What’s cool about the place is its vegan and vegetarian options along with the gluten-free ensemble on its menu which ensures that no one misses out on the gobsmackingly divine food.

Ana serves a large portion size so you’ll leave the place feeling stuffed and might even need to take some home. However, the patio is filled with people smoking so if that is something that isn’t your cup of tea then you should opt to sit indoors. Wifi facilities are available on spot.

Padova ||

Padova ||

The restaurant is found in Banjol, near the Padova camping resort, right next to the beautiful sea. The food there is fresh, flavourful, and will satiate your thirst for delectable seafood. However, they only accept cash so you’ll need to visit the ATM beforehand or go to the one located nearby.

The road to the harbor is super small which makes it difficult for big vehicles to pass through so it is ideal to just walk on foot. Padova is also pet-friendly so if you want to bring your furry friends along, this is the perfect restaurant for you.

The waiters and servers are friendly and have great banter, especially the waiter named Dino who is an all-time fan-favorite, loved by everyone who visits the place.

Banova Villa Beach Bar

Banova Villa Beach Bar

If you’re looking for a quick drink and snack, Banova Villa Bar is located right at the edge of the water and offers a breathtaking view of the most majestic and captivating sunsets on the island. The light tapping of the water along with the cool Mediterranean breeze creates the perfect ambiance.

Banova Villa serves ice-cold pints of bear, nutritious smoothies, and an array of mocktails along with several food options, the most popular being their burgers and tofu salad. They offer cheaper rates than fancy restaurants but with the same quality and quantity.

However, the bar closes at 8 pm so make sure you reach there before that. There are washroom facilities nearby and you can take a long walk on the promenade.

Konoba Riva

Konoba Riva

It is common for tourists to explore the heart of Rab, but what they’re missing out on is hidden jewels like Konoba Riva located on the edges. The restaurant has a warm, inviting aura, perfect for families on a casual day out.

Surrounded by the view of the crystal-clear water with boats going to and fro from the harbor, this restaurant offers not only a spectacular view but also a stomach-filling hearty meal. A little life hack, if you’re looking for something budget-friendly, is to visit the place at lunchtime when they offer happy hour squids at a lower than average price.

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Konoba also has efficient staff members who not only help you decide what to order but are also super friendly, making people visit the place multiple times within a single day!



Having two terraces, a front, and a back terrace, Astoria offers multiple seating areas depending on the vibe you’re looking for. It is essential that you dress up properly as this restaurant is more formal than some of the others in the areas nearby.

Some of the popular dishes loved by several visitors include their chicken fillet with white plum sauce, their slice of heaven, the Rab cake, and their fresh Shrimp Buzaraa. However, this restaurant is a bit more pricey than some of the others located nearby falling under the same category.

The place is extremely hygienic, clean, and smells fresh. To make sure that you find the perfect spot near the dazzling sea view, call ahead to reserve a table since it does get super busy.

Pizzeria San Marco

Pizzeria San Marco

If seafood isn’t your thing and you want to take a break from the traditional Rab island cuisine, this Italian pizzeria might just be exactly what you need. Offering a Neapolitan-style hefty pizza with ice-cold beers, this restaurant is a pallet cleanser between the seafood-intensive meals.

One of the specialty items on their menu is their homemade drink, Radler, which is basically a mix of beer and sprite and it is to die for. They allow dogs on the premises and you can smoke there as well. However, the wait time from when the order is placed to when it is served, is rather a lot, going up to 45 minutes.

Since the place is situated in a quaint small alleyway, away from the hustle and bustle of the main square, it is peaceful and quiet, providing good shade in the scorching summer heat.

Final Thoughts

Rab Island has restaurants that offer the most exquisite cuisine with its fresh and endless supply of seafood, and delicious array of local drinks and desserts that need to be on your bucket list when you visit the place.

These places merge mouth-watering hearty meals with beautiful picture-perfect sunsets, deep blue seaside views, and rustic historical sites that make them the perfect all-rounders. Not only that, but their top-notch service and friendly and inviting nature, pack the perfect punch.

So, if you’re going to be visiting the island anytime soon, you shouldn’t miss out on these heavenly places!

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