Photo Essay of the Animals Of Turkey

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Over the winter,  I have been scrambling around the countryside taking pictures of everything and anything including the animals of Turkey.My friends are quite used to me and while the locals raise their eyebrows in amazement, they will  just claim they don’t know that crazy English women that can take up to 400 pictures a day just to get the one picture that makes her happy. Thank god for digital cameras because if we were still in the old days of Kodak film, this would be costing me a fortune.

Anyway, this photo essay is dedicated to all animals that have the misfortune of having my zoom lens shoved in their face at the most unexpected moments.  I make a point of carrying a camera with me wherever I go, whether it is my normal point and shoot or my Fuji FinePix with a better zoom feature. Sometimes you can grab a photo when you least expect the opportunity to arise while other photos I have specifically gone looking for.

Thank you as well to all the photo blogs and forums that I have been following as I have picked up quite a few tips and I hope that readers can see that in the following photographs. If you are a keen photographer yourself, and know any useful hints and tips  about taking pictures of animals, then I would love to hear from you in the comment box.

Photos of animals in the country of Turkey

A pigeon I think!  Taken at a lakeside restaurant on the edge of Bafa lake

Birds Of Turkey

Call me crazy but I think this street cat enjoyed posing for the camera. Taken in Yalikavak

cats of Turkey

This poor duck was trying to get an afternoon siesta. Took in the village of Herakleia.

Ducks of Turkey

Keeping dogs as pets is quite unusual in Turkey. This lucky dog has the life of Riley

Dogs of Turkey

This poor tortoise just wanted to be left alone.The Tortoise

This rooster actually scared the hell out of me!

The Rooster!

Taken at Didyma Horse Safari

Horses of Turkey

Something actually went wrong in this picture. If not, there are super-size camels wandering around Turkey

Camels of Turkey

See more photos from around the country of Turkey.

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