Capture the Colours of Turkey

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If you have arrived at this post, looking for the colours of Turkey’s flag, then it is a red background with a white moon crescent and star. This post is indeed not about the flag but more reflective of the surrounding landscapes and some of the most beautiful sights that I have come across during my travels around Turkey.

We identify everything through colours, from flags to symbols but colours also evoke emotions in us. Emotions that can be good or bad. Around Turkey, the landscape colours vary.

I have often read comments from people who have never been to Turkey and they think it is a dry barren country, but the truth is very different. Thanks to its large size, there is a huge diversity in the landscapes and in this post, I want to reflect that by focusing on the five most popular colours ; green, blue, white, red and yellow

The Colours of Turkey

Green – Efeler Valley

Efeler Vadesi Turkey

This photo is from my recent Black sea trip. On that trip, I took over 2000 photos as the area is so unique compared to anywhere else that I have seen in Turkey. There is abundance of flowing waterfalls, wooden houses, beautiful flowers and the people are so friendly. I strongly recommend the Black sea if you want to see a different side of Turkey

 Blue – Fethiye

Boats in Fethiye harbour

I am still to write about my visit to Fethiye, one of the most popular holiday destinations on the south western coast. This photo was taken when I was just relaxing on the harbour front and participating in a bit of people watching! I loved the fact that despite being a large and bustling town, there are still peaceful scenes like this.

White – Kas Sunset

Sunset in Kas, Turkey

One of my favourite memories from my travels around Turkey was the small resort of Kas. Every evening, I would head to the rooftop of the hotel, order a ice cold beer and sit down to watch the sunset. While you may be drawn to the white clouds in this picture, it is actually the white reflections in the water that make it one of my favourite photos.

Red – Sea Kayaking in Kekova

Sea kayaking in Kekova, Turkey

This photo is kind of a bitter sweet memory for me. I loved the fact that I got the chance  to go sea kayaking, but I also found it very demanding physically and did not last the whole course. Great memories but I am a little bit sad that I failed at sea kayaking

Yellow – The Ceiling of Galata Mawlawi House

Colours of Turkey

On Istiklal avenue in Istanbul, there is an old whirling dervishes lodge which has now been turned into a museum. Dedicated to Sufism, you can walk around the old living quarters but the most spectular part is the hall where the whirling dervishes will perform their dance. I was fascinated by the intricate details on the ceiling.

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