5 of Turkey’s Most Expensive Hotels

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I have always admitted that I am not a person who does budget travel well. Where possible, I like to spend my cash in the most luxurious way possible. Unfortunately, I don’t have a budget for some of Turkey’s most expensive hotels.

I can only dream of pampering myself, fine cuisine, and jumping up and down on the large king size beds covered with pure feather pillows. I dream about room service bringing me champagne for breakfast and open the curtains using the remote control to reveal a sun rise that is worthy to grace, only the pages of National Geographic.

Ok, jolt back to reality. I will just have to write about it instead, so here is a list of the finest, luxurious hotels of Turkey. I can only promise a full hotel review, on each of them if I win the lottery.

5 of Turkey’s Most Expensive Hotels

Çiragan Kempinski in Istanbul : 30,000 Euros for one night in the Sultan Suite

Ciragan Palace Hotel

The Sultan Suite measures 514 square meters and is the second largest hotel suite in Europe. Now considering I could buy an apartment in Turkey for that price, I was eager to find out exactly what this hotel can offer.

The price includes your airport transfer in a private helicopter, a 24 hour butler, your own private Turkish bath and a rain shower. Can anyone enlighten me as to what a rain shower is?

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The hotel was also quite open by revealing that 2,400 of that price is tax.  The hotel is a former palace of the Ottoman Empire and currently belongs to the Kempinski chain of hotels, which excel in luxury accommodation all over the world.

Calista Resort in Belek : 6000 Euros per night for a VIP Villa

Turkey's Most Expensive Hotels

If suites and rooms are not posh enough for you, opt for a superior villa at the Calista Luxury Resort. Your villa is kitted out with French beds, Jacuzzi and your private pool.

You can also call upon your private butler, masseur and secretary. If the kids are getting in the way, a staff member will escort them to the Kids mini club and back again. You can also disappear to play football, golf or tennis on the private grounds within the resort.

Marden Palace in Antalya : 1000 Euros for one night in the Garden Suite

Marden Palace hotel

The opening party of this hotel was attended by the likes of Paris Hilton and Lady gaga. Not only is it the finest luxury hotel in Turkey but It has also won an award as the top luxury hotel of Europe. It is based in the seaside resort of Antalya and offers 11 restaurants, a bowling alley and shopping arcade amongst numerous other facilities.

I would get to stay in king size beds, use the bathroom with gold taps, and also get access to my own personal Turkish bath. I would have to check that they had paid their 3 million overdue electric bills though otherwise I would be sitting in the Jacuzzi in the dark.

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Casa Dell’arte in Bodrum : Price Undisclosed

Turkey Expensive hotel

This must be a case of if you have to ask, you cannot afford.  This resort is a seaside location on the Aegean coast and in return for taking your hard earned cash, they will supply you with a private yacht so you can sail the seven seas.

Upon return, your own personal chef will whip up a culinary delight and then when you are ready summon the masseur to relieve you of all your stress.  Don’t hop up public transport to explore the resort of Bodrum either, just call upon your private chauffeur.

Hotel Les Ottomans in Istanbul : 3000 Euros for a night in the Hurrem Sultan Suite

Expensive hotels in Turkey

This hotel prides itself on its Feng Shui decorating style. The hotel is an old period mansion and each room has been individually decorated with hand crafted materials to give that unique luxurious feel. It boasts that it is the favourite of Turkish celebrities.

Let’s hope they don’t trash any of the ancient antiques that adorn the rooms and halls. Judging from the features and facilities, I get the feeling you are paying for these antiques, rather than any service that you don’t get.

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