Traditional Turkish Food – Menemen

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One of my favorite Turkish food dishes is Menemen,a sumptious mixture of onions, peppers, tomatoes and eggs. The great thing about Menemen is that it is one of those dishes  that you can adjust to your own taste and add bacon, spices, potatoes etc, much like an English bubble and squeak.

Traditionally Menemen is ate at breakfast but it also serves well as an afternoon or evening meal. On this occasion the Menemen was served with hand made bread ( I have to admit this was a little bit too hard and didn’t go down well). There was also a plate of home grown black olives, olive oil to dribble over the olives and a small helping of Thyme. When it was all combined, it turned out to be a very tasty dish indeed.

Recipe For Menemen

  • Chop onions and peppers up finely and fry in olive oil over a low heat.
  • Whilst those ingredients are cooking, peel the tomatoes by first placing them in boiling water. Take them out and you will find the skin comes off easily.
  • Chop the tomatoes up and add them to the onions and peppers.
  • Break eggs into the pan and scramble the eggs. Alternatively you can make holes and drop the eggs in so they fry whole. If you choose to do this then add some extra liquid to the pan.
  • Serve with bread and olives.




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