A Guide to Tasty Turkish Street Food

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For many, a big part of any holiday is the food you eat, the food you remember and the food you would rather forget.  In Turkey, street food is a way of life and simply cannot be ignored.  Some of your finest meals will be made instantly in front of you so here is a little taste of what to expect

Turkish Street Food

Kokorec, spiced offal wrapped in lamb’s intestine is of course, a tasty treat to tie you over until dinner.  For anyone wondering about the necessity of the intestine, it has been suggested this is in order to disguise the taste, raising the issue of whether or not the entire dish should be rethought. However, when in Turkey……something that sounds that questionable must be worth a try.


Kahvalti, or ‘before coffee’.  Most of us would shudder at the prospect of anything before coffee but this actually means breakfast, and breakfast can be grabbed from the street in the form of a giant bread polo called simit, reminiscent of a bagel really, but tasty all the same.  Having one with a strong Turkish coffee, or kiwi tea, is even better.

Simit Seller

Kebabs.  Arguably you don’t necessarily need to travel hundreds of miles for one, when getting one in your home country is extremely easy.  The overwhelming hunger, the actual need for food, the fact that it is accompanied with lettuce is an easy justification for a late night healthy snack. Don’t forget about the ill-advised flirtation with the kebab man and the overwhelming disgust, the following morning at your gluttony.

Turkey welcomes you to a whole new world of the kebab.  At any point of the day, more than one if you fancy, the kebab is street food to start you off.  The fresh bread, salad, and meat taste is better than ever and the friendly banter with your street chef will keep you coming back day after day.

Turkish Kebabs

Gozleme.  Essentially a pancake.  Cooked fresh on the street with endless options of fillings they are irresistible and should come with a warning that you will reach new levels of gluttony after your first. Be aware though that many people return from holidays to Turkey a few pounds heavier after eating too many of these!

If this doesn’t fill you up there is plenty of fresh food and fiery flavours on offer so do not leave Turkey without trying some form of street food. Turkey holidays come in all shapes and sizes, whether you are relaxing by the beach in Marmaris or soaking up the culture in Ankara, but if you are  feeling peckish do not be afraid to sample the street food that Turkey is so famous for.

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