A Panoramic View of Rize from Çaykur Tea Garden

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I placed the back of my hand over my nose and mouth in attempt to cover up the overwhelming smell. I did not want to cup my palm over my mouth, fearful of the germs that I had picked up.While holding my breath, I quickly washed my hands and then made a run for the door. It was too late. My throat started to dry heave as I gasped for some fresh air to replace the smell, resembling a sewage tank on a hot summer days.

My first impression of the Caykur tea garden in Rize was very disappointing. However, in my time spent in Turkey, they are not the first disgusting and filthy toilets that I have used, and I doubt they will be the last either. As soon as I stopped dry heaving, I was able to understand why the tea garden is a  recommended visit.

The Çaykur tea garden has a magnificent panoramic view of Rize.

City of Rize in Turkey

This city lying on the coastline in the Black sea region is well known throughout Turkey for its tea production. In the past, I have also met people from Rize, who have left a lasting impression that they are in fact quite mad; but they do have a unique and quirky outlook on life. Nothing holds them back.

Rize Çaykur Tea Garden

The tea garden is connected to the research centre, and they are both tied into the brand of Çaykur tea, owned by the Turkish government. I find it rather assuming that the Turkish government still owns the Çaykur tea company, having sold off the electricity company instead.

I can only assume that at the rate, Turks drink tea, there is more profit in the tea industry.

Rize Turkey

I  have to confess that once I had got over the magnificent view,  my excitement was short lived. I drank a couple of glasses of green tea and then we moved on.

Rize Green Tea

It is a tea garden, nothing more to it than that. Perhaps if it had been an Efes beer factory, I would have been more willing to stick around.

Rize tea garden

I can recommend it for a fleeting visit though.  Çaykur tea garden was my first introduction to the city of Rize, and despite the bad start, it was a pleasant one.

Rize Çaykur Tea Garden

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